Walrus Sofa Corner

Extremis has turned the idea of outdoor seating completely on its head. Using a super robust cover material creates a sleek, weatherproof sofa that always looks great. This modern outdoor sofa has an ingenious storage pouch in the back which hides a foldout blanket and a thick cushion. It feels soft to the touch and guarantees the best comfort in contact with your body.

You can feel the softness in seconds and have a warm, dry and comfortable place to sit outdoors whenever the sun comes out. This is outdoor seating for all seasons!




1) Waterproof & ultra durable material
2) Even in between rainshowers
3) Water evacuating: reduces maintenance to a minimum.
4) Simply cleaning with a water hose
5) The optional blankets keep you dry and warm
6) White tarpaulin only advisable in non poluted and sunny environments
7) Come with Side Table


1) Frame
– Galvanised Steel
– Anthracite Powder Coated Steel
– Fibre glass
2) Cushions
– Turpaulin
3) Legs
– Galvanised Steel
4) Table
– Iroko Hardwood
– Hellwood

Product Size (L/D x W x H) mm:

1400 x 1100 x 605


1) Cushions
– Dark grey
– Light grey
– White

2) Blanket & Pillow
– Dark taupe
– Grey chiné
– White
– Frosty chiné, light blue
– Paprika, orange
– Mimosa, yellow
– Blush, pink
– Pumpkin, orange
– Mint green
– Leaf green
– Sooty anthracite

Weight (kg):


Packing (Vol (M3)):


Sofa Version

• W110 Walrus Club Chair
• W110 Walrus Corner seat R/L
• W110 Walrus Middle seat
• W110 Walrus Footstool
• W80 Walrus Club Chair
• W80 Walrus Corner seat R/L
• W80 Walrus Middle seat


• Outdoor Throw Blanket
• Outdoor Throw Pillow
• Deco Cushions
• Connector


Dirk Wynants