lecio is supplying furniture that not just can be used outdoor but ideally for indoor use!

lecio is supplying furniture that not just can be used outdoor but ideally for indoor use!

The development of information technology, progression in socio-economy, improvement of living standard and the country’s vision on moving forward to become high income nation; these are the contributing factors that change the landscape of our lifestyle.

Nowadays, home owners wish to see the interaction of design between indoor and outdoor spaces of their house, with integration between space, finishing, furnishing and furniture. Hence, good design furniture that can serve both indoor and outdoor are used to provide perfect solution for these requirements.

When lecio firstly introduce outdoor furniture, the respond was good and encouraging. Customer praised the quality that it has for the use in outdoor weather, and the tasteful design make it even much better.

Outdoor furniture cannot be labelled just in name, the quality has to be proven for outdoor use. The ability to withstand and perform in unpredictable weather and outdoor climates are among the most significant factors. While quality and type of materials used will become the determining factor for how long these furniture will last. Technical know-how, techniques of production and design detailing are the skills, expertise and experiences needed to ensure these furniture possess its optimum value that will finally transfer to end users. These are all the values of products lecio is supplying.


Moving Forward

With passion, determination, and continuous effort in providing only the best outdoor furniture that will last long in outdoor use, lecio has sailed through many challenges and yet keep on moving forward, steadfastly for every new level.

lecio has proudly set new standard for outdoor furniture. It is not only focus on good quality but also promoting the Leisure Lifestyle Living with furniture in great design that are made from environmental friendly and sustainable material. In addition, lecio also provides unrivalled services and ideas in assisting you to set-up layout plans for your house or project ! lecio leisure lifestyle living



Pots and sofa made of polyethylene with light the key for trendy design.

The year outdoor furniture market filled with exciting and trendy MYYOUR product originated from Italy. Is unbelievable to see how good the technology of polyethylene in forming creative furniture and changing to become lighting element and décor to outdoor and indoor space.



Onda sofa set design by Pininfarina Extra provide sense of exclusivity.

Striving to perfection, we added huge range of exciting products with oriental and fusion design from HIGOLD to fullfill the market demands for contemporary style. The result ? People love it !



Top grade production facility produces top quality colorful metal furniture.

Now it’s time to add more fun! What makes life better? Cheerful colours! We joint force with Fermob to serve the Malaysia’s market. Well known for its know how technique in manufacturing metal outdoor furniture and their top quality finishing of more than 24 color, it is mind blowing!



Daybed, sofa, picnic table are perfect for outdoor setting as well as indoor.

Passionate and always aim to be the best, we step it up by collaborate with Prof. Dirk Wynants, the owner of {EXTREMIS an international outdoor furniture brand. Besides, they are fun so obviously we can be great friends!



Wooden outdoor furniture in folding design the favorite for Malaysian.

Like a new born baby, we started with bare foot. Our first piece of outdoor furniture is made of 100% timber. It is our very own design. One by one they started to grow on our show floor and become the favourite of many peoples…

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It is our aims to make your premises to look as attractive as possible, to make your living space lively and fill with laughter, to increase the value of your property on your investment in our lecio leisure lifestyle concept.

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