This space divider is ideal for creating privacy in a garden or on a balcony without losing the sense of freedom typical of open spaces. We devised the Sticks space divider in our search for a multiuse screen divider that can be used outdoors, as it is not blown over too quickly by the wind.

Indoors, the Sticks room divider can be used to adapt the look of a room or office arrangement to your own taste. The Sticks room divider lets you create your own space over and over again. You can also choose the type and number of rods you use to create various degrees of transparency, colour combinations or differences in length.




1) Varieties in materials, height and colour.
2) Create privacy: in-out and out-in.
3) Usable anywhere: indoors, outdoors, lofts, offices, showrooms, museums, restaurants, hotel lobbies, terraces.
4) Come with weighted steel plate underneath each rubber base.derneath every rubber base.
5) All versions, except for the 50×25 base, can be provided with warm or cool LED lights.
6) Able to connect each base with lighting to another one and use up to 20 pieces.


1) Bases
– Rubber
– Natural Rubberwood
– Dark Rubberwood
2) Rods
– Fyber Glass

Product Size (L x W x H) mm:

Sharp Curved : 652x326x1220
Wide Curved : 628x320x1220
Big : 600x300x1220
Medium : 500x250x1220
Small : 300x300x1220

1) LED Light
– Cool white
– Warm white
2) Rods
– White

Weight (kg):

Sharp Curved : 12.68
Wide Curved  : 12.68
Big : 12.68
Medium : 4.22
Small : 6.34

Packing (Vol (M3)):

Sharp Curved : 0.02
Wide Curved : 0.02
Big : 0.02
Medium : 0.01
Small : 0.02

Version Base:

• Sharp Curved L65 x W33
• Wide Curved L63 x W32
• Big L60 x W30
• Medium L50 x W25
• Small L30 x W30

Version Height(cm):

• 120
• 150
• 180
• 210


• Lighting
• Extra weight
• Connector
• Cables


Hsu-Li Teo & Stefan Kaiser