Shenzhou X Sofa Single

A Dreamer in Space Exploration, Exploring the Secret of Nature, Reddot Award winner in 2014. The inspiration of SHENZHOU X comes from the Shenzhou X spacecraft and its re-entry module. The design combines the idea of wide light brown wicker and exposed white coating color, which makes the frame clean and simple.




1) Aluminium powder coated finish
2) Standard PE wicker hand weaved
3) 3 pieces cushion/pillow in olefin fabric,
4) If the cushion/pillow is wet, for long lasting usage make sure the pillow is dry afterwards.
4) Reddot award, 2-years warranty, origin from CHINA


1) Frame
– Aluminium

2) Cushion/Pillow
– Olefin fabric

3) Wicker
– Polyethylene

Product Size (L/D x W x H) mm:

700 x 730 x 670


Frame : white
Wicker : brown
Cushion : khaki

Packing (Vol (M3)):



Studio Higold

*sell in set & wholesale only*