Romeo & Juliet Bench

The outdoor bench is made of long, rectangular strips of wood. It has two round holes in the seat for large flowerpots which can contain your preferred small tree or plant. Just like Romeo & Juliet, the trees are destined to be together without ever being able to touch. The bench seems to float between the trees. Obviously, Romeo & Juliet lends itself perfectly to the contract market. When several outdoor benches are arranged in line, the distance between the trees remains identical which creates architectural harmony.

One added bonus is the 10 cm gap between the inner flowerpot and the outer flowerpot to which the bench is attached. It acts as a water reservoir, but also offers plenty of ‘breathing space’ to tree roots which prevents rotting.




1) Bench and planter in one
2) Offers passers-by a comfortable place to sit and relax
3) Equal spacing between trees when lined up
4) FSC-labelled jatoba wood with minimal materials loss
5) Come with floor-fastening set, secured from theft or from being moved.
6) Able to connect two benches to each other with connector.


1) Wood
– Jatoba Hardwood
2) Pot
– Glass fibre reinforced polyester
3) Structural parts
– Galvanised Steel

Product Size (L x W x H) mm:

735 x 3200 x 485


1) Structural parts
– Galvanised Steel

Weight (kg):


Packing (Vol (M3)):



• Floor fastening
• Connector


Koen Baeyens, Basile Graux & Stijn Goethals