Hopper Combo

The Hopper Combo is a popular choice for both gardens and workplaces. The two access points allow you to sit down far more elegantly than if you had to swing your legs over the bench. From now on you can opt to replace one or both benches with chairs. Go for a few Captain’s chairs to add huge amounts of comfort to your garden suite. Or should we say: your office suite?

Hopper Combo is available in four sizes, seating four, six, eight, or ten people. Choose galvanised steel legs for extreme durability, or powder-coated aluminium table legs for a more refined look. Turn it into the perfect terrace set by adding Hopper Shade!




1 ) Durability: materials will last for generations
2) Tabletop is also a comfortable backrest
3) Stabilizing support
4) No need to lift your leg


1) Galvanized Steel Frame & legs
2)Table top & bench
-Iroko hardwood, Hellwood

Product Size (L x W x H) mm:

Hopper L180cm : 1780 x 1431 x 740
Hopper L200cm : 2380 x 1431 x 740
Hopper L300cm : 2980 x 1431 x 740
Hopper L360cm : 3580 x 1431 x 740



-Iroko hardwood


Hopper L180cm : 110.76
Hopper L200cm : 130.76
Hopper L300cm : 153.98
Hopper L360cm : 172.77

Packing (Vol (M3)):

Hopper L180cm : 0.81
Hopper L200cm : 0.95
Hopper L300cm : 1.04
Hopper L360cm : 1.16

Versions (with captain’s chair)

• Hopper Combo L180cm (2 chairs)
• Hopper Combo L240cm (3 chairs)
• Hopper Combo L300cm (4 chairs)
• Hopper Combo L360cm (5 chairs)


Dirk Wynants