Tiki High Stool

This exotic stool is just what you need at the cocktail bar. Tiki is your friend even when the chairs and tables are moved aside to make space for the dance floor – simply stack it up!

Tiki is the ideal bar stool for your garden party. The steel legs and seat give the design a pure, uncomplicated line. Or why not opt for a stylish twist, with a wooden seat? With its minimalist contours, this bar stool blends seamlessly in any party setting whilst offering comfortable seating and support for tired feet. Even with the optional back rest, your guests have optimal freedom of movement to move to the music while sitting down. And if you have more guests than usual, the low stool is especially practical. Pick it up and put it anywhere!




1) Stackable
2) Seats designed to let water run off
3) Foot rest with great freedom of movement
4) Applications: cocktail bars, open kitchens, living rooms, bars and restaurants, offices
5) Great to combine with Captain’s chairs, at the Pantagruel table for example


1) Frame
– Structured powder coated steel
2) Seat
– Structured powder-coated

Product Size (L/D x W x H) mm:

410 x 410 x 760


1) Frame
– White
– Black

2) Seat
– White
– Black
– Oak


• Low
• Medium
• High (with or without backrest)


Dirk Wynants