Dyno And Paw

A strong personal touch to the garden and poolside is the objective that guided us throughout our Dyno project… the Myyour “gentle giant”. Its statuary and stylized harmony is impeccable. Inside, it has a new system to heat the water and which eliminates any risk of bacterial proliferation. For us, Dyno is a synonym of elegance, design and refined versatility.
Technical details.

The Dyno shower is available in all colors for both the embossed print or painted versions. The Paw base is made with ABS and it has special profiles that make keeping sand out possible. It is covered with an acrylic film to make the cleaning operations more comfortable and safe. Dyno is equipped with a drip free showerhead in chromium-plated plastic, with a system that enables you to save 50% on water and with a silicone nozzle that can easily and simply be wiped clean. The mixer is the only stainless steel element or, in alternative, there is a timer that enables you to control the water jet in terms of times. The normal version with cold and hot water that comes from the main water line is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. However, the solar version relies on the rays of the sun, which enable it to produce hot water, and it is only suitable for outdoor use. How does Dyno Solare Work? The secret lies within the way the copper coil is bent. In fact, it is bent by hand. This technique is patented and runs inside the entire height of the column. It exchanges the heat of the water inside the column, which was heated by the sun, with the water that is already inside the structure.




1) Polyethylene structure from rotation mould.
2) Water and UV resistant for outdoor use.
3) Two options: Double piping for hot and cold water or Single piping for cold water only
4) Paw shower base – excellent resistance to weather conditions.


1) Body
– Polyethylene

Product Size (L x W x H) mm:

1120 x 890 x 2300


1) White
2) Light Grey
3) Grey
4) Ivory
5) Beige
6) Light Blue
7) Blue
8) Yellow
9) Green
10) Brown
11) Red
12) Copper
13) Black

Weight (kg):

Dyno: 22.00
Paw: 11.00

Packing (Vol (M3)):

Dyno: 0.75
Paw: 0.08


• Embossed print
• Glossy paint