Begin Sofa Triple

BEGIN by Angeletti Ruzza Design: a whole made in Italy evolution on MYYOUR philosophy.‎
Comfortable and informal BEGIN is a completely upholstery-removable modular sofa that bring to outdoor the indoor comfort and design.‎
The volumes are pure and generous, the material presence of the fabrics is warm and rich in taste.‎
BEGIN designs a getaway, a refuge, a protected area that facilitates spontaneous and free attitudes.‎ Thanks to its modularity it is customizable and adaptable to every context.‎
Available with cushions in tone with the seats or with Wave cushions, with an exclusive wavy texture, which expresses the Myyour concept.‎
The appeal of the natural essence of teak in the particular of the armrest gives life to the BEGIN table, a coffee table with a painted aluminium  structure, ideal combination to complete a lounge area.‎
The collection is completed with a touch of style with a special of undulating weave rugs and cushions called WAVE.‎




Sofa structure in alluminium

Seatback and armrests structure in poleasy covered with textile

Armrest detail in teak


Aluminium & Polyethylene

Product Size (L/D x W x H) mm:

960 x 2690 x 750


Weight (kg):

Packing (Vol (M3)):



Begin Wave


Angeletti Ruzza Design