This eccentric parasol is intended to be directed towards the sun so that it can create as much shade as a larger parasol, despite its relatively small surface area. And that is how it got its name. The parasol-shaped crown of the African Acacia tree is an evolutionary adaptation to capture as much sun as possible with the smallest possible leaf canopy. This new Extremis parasol deflects a maximum of the sun’s rays with a limited textile canopy. When the sun goes down, the integrated lighting beneath the parasol canopy creates a warm ambiance. Designed with the idea of a pocket torch in mind, simplicity reigns even in the integrated, rechargeable LED module.




1) Water flows off the parasol thanks to the slightly tilted position of the canopy
2) Can be directed towards the sun
3) Removable canopy
4) Structure can stay outdoors all year round
5) Compact parasol


1) Tubes
– Structured powder coated stainless steel
2) Fabric
– PU coated polyester

Product Size (L x W x H) mm:

2310 x 2350 x 1930


– Papyrus white
– Verdigris
– Reed green
– Copper brown
– Black red
– Cobalt blue
– Beige red
– Bottle green
2) Fabric
– White

Weight (kg):

47 KG

Packing (Vol (M3)):


• With floor fastening
• With virus 2-seaters
• With virus 3-seaters
• With virus 4-seaters
• With virus 5-seaters


Dirk Wynants