The Inumbra white garden parasol is unique because of its pure aesthetics. It is easy to open and close: the parasol opens and closes by means of a separate handle. The technical parts that open and close the parasol are above the Inumbra’s UV resistant fabric. This means that you cannot see them when you are sitting under the parasol.

The fabric has an exceptionally high surface tension, and when opened it has an almost flat surface, whilst offering enough inclination for water and dirt to flow off. As a result, the Inumbra parasol is exceptionally sturdy.
Combine the Inumbra garden parasol with Gargantua or Pantagruel for the most sturdy terrace set available.




1) More shade because the surface is larger yet closer to the table
2) More shade because the surface is larger yet closer to the table
3) Opening a parasol was never that easy
4) The construction and the materials used – stainless steel and hi-tech polyester fabric – are highly durable


1) Fabric
– Hi tech Polyester
2) Pole
– Stainless Steel
3) Upper disc
– Stainless Steel

Product Size (L x W x H) mm:

Ø 350 cm : 3500x3500x2027
Ø 400 cm : 4000x4000x2190


1) Fabric

Weight (kg):

Ø 350 cm : 33
Ø 400 cm : 35

Packing (Vol (M3)):

Ø 350 cm : 0.09
Ø 400 cm : 0.09


• Ø 350 cm
• Ø 400 cm


• Floor Fastening
• Concrete Base
• Concrete Wheel Base
• Parasol Cover


Dirk Wynants