Hopper Shade

“Hopper Sun Shade perfectly accompanies the lines of the Hopper. Thanks to a spring mechanism, it opens and closes effortlessly, and does not take up extra space next to the table. The goal was to create enough shade for everyone in a simple, aesthetically pleasing way. The cloth can be stretched out either to the left or right, or in both directions to protect everyone. The cloth only needs to be closed in strong wind, and then it rolls itself up.

The Hopper is available in three sizes, with lengths ranging from 240 cm to 360 cm. This outdoor sun shade is made from stainless steel and hi-tech polyester fabric and is highly durable.This Hopper shade can be placed above the Hopper or any other table which seats six to eight people”




1) Flat and low surface creates intimacy
2) Clearly inspired by hop gardens
3) Open and close in 2 seconds thanks to roll-up spring mechanism.
4) A perfect match with hopper


1) Frame
– Stainless Steel
2) Shade
– High tech polyester fabric

Product Size (L x W x H) mm:

Hopper shade L240cm : 2558x2680x2109
Hopper shade L300cm : 3158x2680x2109
Hopper shade L360cm : 3756x2680x2109


1) Fabric
-Grey taupe

Weight (kg):

Hopper shade L240cm : 42
Hopper shade L300cm : 48
Hopper shade L360cm : 50

Packing (Vol (M3)):

Hopper shade L240cm : 0.14
Hopper shade L300cm : 0.16
Hopper shade L360cm : 0.18


• Hopper shade L360cm
• Hopper shade L300cm
• Hopper shade L240cm

Base installation option:

• Under hopper
• To hopper legs
• Floor fastening
• Concrete base


Dirk Wynants