Gem Pot S

Gem pots are inspired by the cut of precious stones, from the micro to the macro, playing on the edge of exaggeration. Objects where the detail of a usually microscopic sign becomes the distinctive element that characterizes the entire collection in all its formats. Furniture whose monolithic and refined presence becomes the main character, managing to adapt in an almost chameleonic fashion to the styles of different locations. Objects that are at the same time elegant or informal, for indoor or outdoor, for home or contract use, able of enhancing any context with their presence.




1) Polyethylene rotated mould
2) Polyeasy embossed moulded
3) Water and UV resistant
4) With water drainage hole
5) E27 light 32W max (exclude)
6) 4) Induction rechargeable RGB LED + remote control (excluded)
7) Protection index – IP20, IP44 & IP66


1) Body
– Polyethylene

Product Size (L x W x H) mm:

500 x 500 x 530


1) Transparent
2) White
3) Light grey
4) Ivory
5) Beige
6) Light Blue
7) Yellow
8) Green
9) Grey
10) Red
11) Brown
12) Violet
13) Marsala
14) Black
15) Copper
16) Rust
17) Lilac
18) Pink
19) Gold
20) Pearl Gray
21) Dark Pearl
22) Pearly Copper


Gem Pot M, L


• Embossed print
• Oxidized finishes
• Direct paint finish|
• Glossy painted


Paolo Cappello