Bowie Sofa Single

BOWIE has given a kind of clean and neat feeling by combining the flat woven material with an anodized aluminum frame. The major comfort from Bowie chairs and sofas is the inclination at the seaters and the good management of teak armrests. For Bowie tables, extra aluminum has been integrated underneath the top to give a strong support whenever the glass top is removed.




1) Aluminium powder coated finish
2) Polyester Mesh Fabric
3) 3 piece cushion/pillow in olefin fabric
4) If the cushion/pillow is wet, for long lasting usage make sure the pillow is dry afterwards.
5) Teak wood armrest
6) Nicolas Thomkins design, 2-years warranty, origin from CHINA



Aluminium, Polyester Mesh Fabric & Olefin Fabric

Product Size (L/D x W x H) mm:

800 x 755 x 660


Packing (Vol (M3)):


Nicolas Thomkins

*sell in set & wholesale only*