Non Vaso Wall Deco

In an original and provocative design idea, which gives a wink to surrealism, Non Vaso con-centrates technical and functional characteristics that can be translated in comfort and ease of use. The shape of the empty pot transforms into conceptual energy the sadness of the empty pot, but also creates a space that can be occupied creatively: with a real plant, for example, but also with useful in communication double sided panels, for which has been arranged a groove in the center of the niche. Side by side positioning to create a lane or balustrade effect, lightable with two low consumption bulbs, Non Vaso can also be used outside due to the degree of protection IP44 (E27).




1) Polyethylene rotated moulded
2) Poleasy embossed moulded
3) Water and UV resistant


1) Body
– Polyethylene

Product Size (L x W x H) mm:

1000 x 350 x 900


1) Transparent
2) White
3) Light grey
4) Ivory
5) Beige
6) Light Blue
7) Yellow
8) Green
9) Grey
10) Red
11) Brown
12) Violet
13) Marsala


14 KG

Packing (Vol (M3)):



• With pot hole
• Without pot hole


Studio Myyour